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Can one’s memory be improved (significantly) through brain exercises even if you’re middle-aged or upwards?

..Hi there, Yes most definitely, and especially as one gets more mature and wiser..Of course this also may depend as to whether there is and/or may be a chance of a possible genetic or non-genetic mental illness that “may” later cause memory loss, but even then one should not dwell on this and continue to always do what they can to keep their mind in just as healthy order as one does their body & spirit…Eating and/or watching our intake of the types of foods, exercising and definitely fresh air, reading & learning new things, all stimulate the receptors in the brain that help us to remain and continue having a healthy brain/mind..There are also vitamins and herbal medicines that many people now consume, and swear by, that helps in their memory recollection.. Ginkgo biloba is just one of these that increases the flow of blood to the brain which is so important, also it improves memory, and has been very successful in treating poor circulation which these really all go together..Also drinking/drugging/certain foods can and will have an adverse affect on the brain/mind and cause memory depletion when used in any amount as these negatives can and do kill significant brain/memory cells, and unfortunately many of these we cannot get back..Healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy spirit, all equal a good if not great impecable memory/mind/brain..For myself, I honestly believe that one should try or experiment with various foods, herbs, or anything really that may help an individual or that one “thinks might help”, and then of course do what they believe and therefore will know later on just what is best suited for their own body, mind, and spirit..And, of course any type of untreated or even a treated mental illness (medication) will also have some affect on our brain or thinking, (but which can also be reversed as well) so this should be the first and foremost a priority that one should begin with, at least that is my belief…it is very difficult to retain anything when one is in the grips of depression…Do Take Much Care…

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