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How could I increase my brain memory?

The best way to do this is too slowly increase the memory of your brain by doing simple memory tasks, such as walking into a strange room and after looking around that room at everything that is in that room, allowing yourself only 15 seconds of time, then retreat to another room and sit down, with a pencil and paper and redraw that entire interior of that room, placing every object that you remember being in that room in the exact location on that paper as you remember it to be.

Then return to that room and compare your drawing with the objects contained in that room to see how accurate your recall memory is.

I am allowing you 15 seconds, when I took this course, I was only given 3 seconds and I scored a 88% memory recall, which I then built up to a 100% memory recall status.

This training to increase the brains capabilities of remembering things is excellent training in the event you decide to work in undercover law enforcement, for either state or government agencies.

The best diet to consume while going through this training is to eat lots of green vegestables, fresh fish and some types of fruit and nuts.

These foods provide the proteins that are considered to be brain food and very helpful in the memory stages and it does work quite well.

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