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How does our brain keep memories?

There was an analogy to memory maintenance we discussed in a course I took some time back. The component of the brain was called “Grandmother Cells”. It was labeled that because it was a cell or structure that held the pattern of information that allowed us to remember the face of our Grandmother. In truth it is very complicated but can be simply said that of all the chemicals in the brain, memories are basically sites in cells that are holding different patterns of brain chemicals that can be recalled and matched. Cells and how they transmit are wired up in a way and learning is the patterns that we physically set up, those billions of connections that the cells in the brain can send out and connect up in the matrix of the mind. Memories can last forever depending on what went into forming them and how often they are re-enforced, but they are so easy to damage and lose by injury and substance abuse, or the act of not using the pathway that was not well re-enforced. I use to know more about it, but I don’t use that pathway, so much is lost to me now without forcing my brain to go down other pathways or roads in my mind to find those little pieces of info. There are also different levels of memory to fit needs, short term needs or longer term needs. The mind could become hopelessly cluttered if every little thing was a permanent path that was never lost, or remembering how to get home from a walk in the park had a time limit of just a minute.

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