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How much brain power do we use?

brain power

Neuroscience has opened many windows on the brain and the way it works and while there is ALOT more to learn, there is not evidence that we do not use all of our brainpower. Just because scientists do not know what activity (or lack thereof) in one part of the …

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“brain damage” exercise?

Group of Middle aged women in health center doing leg exercises with fitness balls on floor.

You are referring to a complex field but simply mental fatigue which is cause by continuous mental effort or attention for a prolong period can be due to depletion of neurotransmitters, enzymes, and hormones, glutamate, glucose. Most people can recover but in Alzheimer’s patients rigorous mental exercise can increase the …

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What happens in the brain during exercise?

brain system during exercise

Here’s is a quote from http://www.brainhealthandpuzzles.com/brain_improvement_exercises.html “hysical exercise is great for almost anything. Other than training too hard or getting injured only good things can come from some cardio or playing sports, this includes training your brain. During extended physical activity your brain gets fueled to the max with oxygen …

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How could I increase my brain memory?


The best way to do this is too slowly increase the memory of your brain by doing simple memory tasks, such as walking into a strange room and after looking around that room at everything that is in that room, allowing yourself only 15 seconds of time, then retreat to …

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How does our brain keep memories?

Brain Memories

There was an analogy to memory maintenance we discussed in a course I took some time back. The component of the brain was called “Grandmother Cells”. It was labeled that because it was a cell or structure that held the pattern of information that allowed us to remember the face …

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Eating peanuts brain health?

Peanuts for Brain Health

Yes, eating is relaxing. There is a part of your brain devoted to making you want to have sex and eat. They call it “comfort food” for a very good reason. That is also why alot of people get very very fat. They learn that eating makes them feel better …

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Best foods for brain health?


Fish, (Particuarlly wild salmon) is not only an incredible food for brain health, it qualifies as incredible across virtually every other health standard as well and is clearly one of the healthiest foods that one can eat. Wild salmon (not farm-raised) in particular is a true brain food: one of …

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