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Best weight loss diet plan?

try this

6 steps to transform your body

your portions.

Don’t eat until you are full,
eat until you’re not hungry.
everything you eat.
Fresh vegetables, skinless white
meat, smaller portions, and foods
lower in fat are the obvious answers
to our BeachBody.com Diet Guide.

5x-a-day eating schedule.
IMPORTANT! Stick to the schedule
so you do not get hungry and overeat,
and so your body has enough fuel
to rebuild after exercise.

your body by drinking water.
Drink at least 2 liters (8 glasses)
of water a day.

your diet with a multi-vitamin.
An exceptional multi-vitamin ensures
you get all the nutrients you need
when cutting calories.

from eating at the wrong times.
When you workout, and when you sleep,
you want your body to be in a “fat
burning state” vs. a “carb burning state.”

In restaurant terms, generally, eat half what the chef serves you. An
adequate portion of a meal is 3 ounces of protein (like chicken, tuna or
lean ground beef) which is about the size of your palm. Don’t eat until
you are full. Eat until you’re not hungry. Same goes for salad dressing;
On a large salad, limit it to just enough for taste. You will be surprised
how much less dressing you need to get the same flavor.
This is what we call the “Classic Calorie Equation.” Your daily exercise
routine will increase the amount of calories you burn each day. If you
also make sure that you eat fewer calories than you burn, “poof!”—
you burn excess stored fat. It’s a simple, scientifically proven fact that
never fails. And here’s how to do it:
Calories In:
First, regulate how many calories
you consume. We recommend that if
“trimming fat” is your goal, a 1,200 –
1,500 calorie per day diet will do the
trick, but that’s as low as you want to
go before your body “resets” your
metabolism. If you aren’t as concerned
with quickly trimming fat as
you are about increasing muscle,
2,000 calories is a good number.
Both levels will start to steer
your choices away from large
portions and fatty/processed
foods toward healthier,
reasonable choices.
(That’s a general guideline for the
millions of people who will read this.
For more specific detail as to your personal
caloric needs, we suggest you call
a registered dietician or diet center.)
Calories out:
Second, approximate how many calories your body uses each day
using the following grid, which is calculated based on your body
weight, your lifestyle, and the conservative assumption that you will
burn at least 300 calories in every rigorous 30 minute workout.
(FYI – we estimate that you can burn as many as 800-1000 calories when you’re
really pushing it hard in programs like Power 90™, Slim in 6™, and Power Half Hour.™)

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