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What are several common misconceptions about weight control?

Starving = weight loss. On the contrary, your body will go into survival mode and start packing on extra fats.

Fats = bad. Wrongo. Good fats (like the ones in avocados) are very important. They act as brain and joint lube, and they actually speed up your metabolism.

I can target fat loss from areas like my butt or belly. Nope, you can’t. You must lose fat from the entire body. Fat disappears just like snow melts. It all melts at the same pace, but it’ll take longer to disappear from areas where it was built up the thickest. The only way to see your abs is to work the entire body with hard cardio.

I’m doing crunches, I’ll have a sixpack! Well, no. You need a combination of abdominal exercises. You also need to lose fat with cardio or you’ll never see your new muscles.

I can lose weight quickly. You can’t, no. You can expect to lose about 1lb a week to start, and aim for 2-4lbs a week when you’re in the full swing of your workout. Any more than that isn’t good for the body. Drastic weight losses (5 lbs in three days, etc) are usually just the loss of water weight. You haven’t burnt any fats. Real weight loss starts to become noticeable weeks, even months, into a workout. You can’t ‘lose weight in 10 days’ and keep it off.

I’m going to be fat forever, I should accept it. Wrongo, too. No fat is impossible to get rid of, but you have to be vigilant in your workout. Too many people are lazy and let themselves blame having kids or working too much to go to the gym. If you truly want to lose weight you’ll find a way to lose weight.

If I get liposuction I’ll always be skinny. Nope, if you go under the knife you’ll look thin coming out, but if you eat like a horse and sit on the couch you’ll gain it all back.

I should eat like a bird to lose weight. Eat lots! Just eat the RIGHT foods, and control your calories. You can have a steak dinner with all the trimmings for the calories in an extra big starbucks sugary frap thingy with whipped cream.

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