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What can men do to improve their prostate health?

I’d have to take a detailed look at your diet to really let you know very specifically what you inlclude in your diet or disallow.

General Rules of Thumb: No white flour in foods, avoid saturated fats, hydrogenated fats, avoid pop, sugary foods, candy, red meat, avoid dairy.

This is what you can do: Use vegetable oil when cooking or olive oil depending on your taste preferences. Add a fruit or vegetable to your daily routine each day. Bananas are great for mood & control. Grapes are great for slowing the aging process. Lemons help cleanse your lymph nodes. Oranges are great for your immune system & making your skin look better. Apples are full of caffeine & help give you a boost of energy. Romaine lettuce is full of fiber. Tomatoes prevent prostate cancer which kills 1 out of 5 men.

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