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What is a safe weight loss supplement?

Well, any supplements to help you lose weight is either going to be a fast loss which also makes for a fast gain when you stop taking it (eg. colon cleanses), it’s something that is going to starve your body of certain nutrients that it needs, or it’s not going to be a sole source of weight loss. What I mean is that exercise is going to be required for any solid, long-term weight loss… it’s also a really good (and safe) way to lose weight. Some of the best ones I’ve seen that can help lose weight with exercise are Chromium, Tonalin CLA, and/or L-Carnitine.
In addition to that, I would recommend meeting with a nutritionist or dietitian to see if there is something else that may benefit you more.

As long as you are at a weight where you are healthy, the most important part is that you are HAPPY with your weight… not that you “should be X pounds”, but that no matter what you weigh, you are happy with that instead of striving to be a size 2 or something like that. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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