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Why is personal health important to oneself?

Everyday of your life you will never be able to escape seeing your own face/body in the mirror and when you do; there is no doubt that everyone would agree that they would rather smile than frown at what they see!

When you look good! You feel good!

When you feel good, you are empowered, your steps are light and you have a positive attitude to face whatever activity you have planned for the day whether it is to work, study, take care of personal errands, hang with family, friends or a potential significant other!

When you have
healthy skin (from eating right and proper consist care)
beautiful hair (from eating right and proper consist care)
a healthy, fit, toned figure you appreciate more than search for appreciation (from eating right and proper consist exercise)
well balanced internal health (from eating right and proper consist care)

when you body feels and look good: you feel good (once again lol) to go out in the world and seek

financial well being
spiritual well being
relational well being
emotional well being
mental well being

Your personal health is such a major asset to your overall journey in life!

I burned almost 600 calories today and because I broke that sweat for an hour, my evening ended in such a positive note whereas if I didn’t exercise today I would end up feeling depressed that I am behind on my weight loss journey and i put myself at risk of not looking my best as soon as I would like too!

I want to look my best at my next job interview!
I want to look my best for my future husband!
I want to look my best and influence some family to lose weight!
I want to look my best to fit into a dress on sale! that I may have missed out on if I didn’t workout lol
I want to eat right to treat my internal being right so I can live as long as I can because I truly believe you have one life to live and shouldn’t take it for granted!

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Kanchana is a Doctor she can write multi categorized health and fitness articles.

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