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What kind of pillow did you use for support while sleeping?

Pillows are pillows & you will move around & they will come loose whether they are regular pillows or pregnancy pillows. I choose just to use regular pillows & I had one behind my back, one under my tummy, one between my knees, one between my feet & 2 behind my head. Its a little much but its the only way I can get any sleep since im 38 weeks pregnant. I usually get up a few times during the night anyways to go to the bathroom so when I lay back down I rearrange everything & get comfortable again 🙂 Thats what works for me just do whatever works for you.

I use a Cotton pillow then a down pillow for my head, my head is not flat on the bed the cotton one supports the down. I use a regular body pillow that I got for Bed Bath and Beyond for like $20. I sleep fairly well. My hips are always in pain, but I think that is from our mattress since it is like extra firm.

I have been sleeping so deep lately that I don’t hear my husband’s phone go off when he gets paged for work and I am usually the one that wakes him up to answer the pages.

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