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Women’s health help with period?

You may or may not be pregnant. If you are stressed, anticipating an upcoming event (negative or positive), have changed your diet dramatically, dieting, hanging around female friends (remember, sometimes our cycles will start coinciding with each other if we are around each other enough… all unintentional… and absolutely true), hormonal changes, and any number of other things can cause a lighter/heavier/delayed/missed period.
If you are pregnant, it’s likely too early for it to be detected on a pregnancy test.
Stressing yourself won’t make the period come sooner. Give it a week or two and try the test again… then another week… it can take up to a month before you get a real answer.
Relax. (I know that doesn’t really help, but it’s true.) Start thinking of what you would do IF you were pregnant so you would be somewhat ready to deal with it if you are.

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